“Ladies” and “Gents” no longer allowed to be used as greeting in Canada? Must start using “good evening, folks”

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The Trudeau government brings in policies from suggestions.

People are suggesting we must change the Canadian language for 70 more new genders.

First they want to remove “Father” and “Mother” from the English language because it doesn’t agree with the other 70 genders that came into civilization just over the last five years.

A restaurant in Toronto suggest to stop using “ladies” and “gents” to greet customers.

Via CTV:

TORONTO — A Toronto restaurant manager is trying to offer customers a more inclusive dining experience by encouraging servers to use gender-neutral greetings so not only “ladies” and “gents” feel welcome, but “friends” across the gender spectrum.

General manager Ginger Hunt said she wants everyone — including trans and non-binary customers — to enjoy their dining experience at Hey Lucy’s Cabbagetown location, which means asking waitstaff to avoid addressing customers with gender-specific language.

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