Trudeau stabs Christians in the back, changes laws to protect terrorists during Easter

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First Justin Trudeau gives convicted terrorists their passport back, then he gives them money, and now shorter prison terms.

Bill C-75 was introduced during Easter, a time where Christians comes together. A stab in the back for Christians.

Ted Falk has more on C-75:

On the eve of the Easter long-weekend, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals introduced C-75, an Omnibus bill with more than 300 pages of sweeping changes to the Criminal Code.

Under these reckless changes, the Liberals are reducing penalties for many serious crimes in our country by adding “summary conviction” as a prosecutorial option. Summary offences carry much less severe penalties than indictable offences.

Offences include: Participation in activity of terrorist group; assault with a weapon, participation in criminal organization and human trafficking.

These changes send the wrong message to victims, law abiding Canadians and to the criminal element alike. It is simply mind-boggling that Justin Trudeau would think that these changes are good for Canada.

You can see the new bill here.