B.C. dumps over 34 million gallons of raw sewage into the ocean daily

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The province of hypocritical leaders, but who am I to judge?

The province that opposes Pipelines dumps raw sewage into the ocean.

Via Natural News:

A report by The Tyee titled, “Victoria’s Secret: Dumping Raw Sewage Like It’s 1915,” details the ongoing environmental crisis, noting that “British Columbia’s capital is one of the last major cities north of San Diego to dump all of its untreated waste (including pesticides, street runoff and pharmaceuticals) into the ocean.”

The problem isn’t new either. Victoria has been pumping its poop into the ocean from Esquimalt’s Macaulay Point for over a century, making very few improvements along the way. Exactly how far the waste is drifting is up for debate, with some experts reporting that the raw sewage is washing up past Howe Sound, all the way to the Sunshine Coast (map), a total of 150 kilometers.

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