Bill C-75 will reduce crime for Terrorists, Pedophilia, Rapists, Antifa, and many more

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Bill C-75 introduced by the Liberal government is not one of their better achievements.

Here’s a small list of crimes that will be reduced under the new bill.

By Canadians for Liberty.

Please share. BREAKING // Bill C-75 which could reduce penalties for serious crimes such as:

o Assault with a weapon

o Participation in activity of terrorist group

o Leaving Canada to participate in activity of terrorist group

o Punishment of rioter and concealment of identity

o Breach of trust by public officer

o Municipal corruption

o Selling or purchasing office

o Influencing or negotiating appointments or dealing in offices

o Prison breach

o Assisting prisoner of war to escape

o Obstructing or violence to or arrest of officiating clergyman

o Keeping common bawdy-house

o Causing bodily harm by criminal negligence

o Bodily harm

o Impaired driving causing bodily harm

o Blood alcohol level over legal limit- bodily harm

o Failure or refusal to provide sample-bodily harm

o Material benefit- trafficking

o Withholding or destroying documents- trafficking

o Abduction of person under age 16; abduction of person under age 14

o Material benefit from sexual services

o Forced marriage

o Polygamy

o Marriage under age of 16 years

o Advocating genocide

o Arson for fraudulent purpose

o Participation in activities of criminal organization