Kathleen Wynne’s poll numbers are almost in the minus

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Actually they are not close to minus but they probable will be as Doug Ford reaches more middle class taxpayers.

A poll done this month shows he has a great lead over the corrupted Ontario liberals.

Via taxpayer funded news:

The polling conducted in early April by Innovative Research Group shows Doug Ford and the Ontario PC party with 37 per cent support, followed by the Liberals at 26 per cent, the NDP at 18 and the Green party at six per cent. Ten per cent of voters said they were undecided.

Ford is tapping into “a sense of anger that governments are governing in the interest of special interests and not in the interest of real folks,” said the polling firm’s owner Greg Lyle, in an interview with CBC News.

The polling gives a snapshot of the province’s mood at a crucial stage in the pre-election period: immediately after the budget, which will form the bulk of the Liberal platform. It is being released Monday, the same day the Liberals launch their first attack ads targeting Ford and the NDP releases its campaign platform. Election day, June 7, is little more than seven weeks away.

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