Another Khadr style lawsuit for taxpayers, this time for $27M

in Canada by

The Trudeau government paid out over $40M last year in lawsuits against people who allegedly got tortured in foreign prisons, including the highly publicized Omar Khadr who received $10.5M.

This time it’s a Montreal man named Abousfian Abdelrazik who claims he was tortured in a Sudan prison.

Via Toronto Sun:

Abdelrazik, 56, came from Africa as a refugee in 1990 and attained Canadian citizenship five years later. He was arrested, but not charged, during a 2003 visit to see his ailing mother in Sudan.

While in Sudanese custody, he was interrogated by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service about suspected extremist links.

Abdelrazik claims he was tortured by Sudanese intelligence officials during two periods of detention, but Canada says it knew nothing of the alleged abuse.

He denies involvement in terrorism and seeks financial compensation and an apology from the federal government for his prolonged ordeal in Sudan.

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