Trudeau announces he will spend freely on immigration department

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Justin Trudeau made headlines this week in his foreign trips, from wired hugs to funding announcements.

The two funding announcements he made was an increase spending to try and save the climate change, and to spend freely on the immigration department.

Via Daily Caller:

The Trudeau government has big spending plans for Environment and Climate Change Canada as well as the department responsible for immigration and refugees according to the main estimates released Monday.

It will also spend freely on the immigration department — but not to enhance border security: $289.9 million will be allocated “to facilitate the entry of top talent and to support family reunification and protection of refugees.” Another $89.8 million will go to provide health care for refugees — whether they enter Canada legally or not.

By far the largest winner is the environment and climate change department, headed by Catherine McKenna. Her budget will balloon to $1.5 billion in the coming fiscal year: that’s a 53.5 percent jump from the previous year and 23.1 percent more than it actually spent in the last year.

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