Muslim writer for CBC show support for woman celebrating Barbara Bush’s death

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Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away peacefully on Tuesday and many people celebrated the amazing life she had.

But there was one crazy woman named Randa Jarrar who’s an English professor at California State University’s Fresno campus, and celebrated Bush’s death on Twitter by saying: “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F— outta here with your nice words.”

The Tweet from Randa Jarrar receive thousands of responses and backlash on Twitter.

The story made headlines all over the country, find out more here and here.

Eventually this story made its way to Canada and got picked up by a couple crazy radical leftists including Naheed Mustafa, who has the following profile online:

Naheed Mustafa is an award-winning journalist based inToronto, Canada. She worked in print for eight years before moving into radio broadcasting in 2000. She worked in both news and current affairs and was, most recently, a show and documentary producer with CBC Radio’s foreign news program Dispatches. Naheed also produces her own documentaries, focusing on stories from Kashmir, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Her work has been featured on CBC Radio, CBC Television, Radio Netherlands, World Vision Report, and the Toronto Star, among other places.

She Tweeted:

And Nora Loreto retweeted the story showing support.

Loreto is a whole other story, read it here.

The left in Canada is led by PM Justin Trudeau, feminist are experiencing the third wave of feminism which is completely fake, is this how we want to teach our children?