Trudeau wants to send refugees from Quebec to Alberta because Quebec can’t handle them

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The federal government announced it will help Quebec move refugees across Canada, and he gives them freedom to live where they want.

Ok I have to admit, the title is a little click bait, but the government said all of Canada will participate, including Alberta of the refugees want, however, most of them are expected to go to Toronto.

Via Global and Mail:

A federal decision to relieve pressure on Quebec by sending asylum seekers to other parts of Canada is raising concern at likely destinations that they too will need help dealing with the influx.

The federal government has agreed with Quebec to quickly move border-crossers who intend to settle in other parts of Canada to those locations while their immigration cases are resolved instead of expecting them to wait nearly two years for hearings in Montreal. The major destination will likely be the Toronto region and, to a lesser extent, other major Canadian cities.

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