Asylum Seekers are NOT actually Asylum Seekers, they are illegal immigrants

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Before I write this post, I want to say, I’m 100% for Asylum Seekers, but not for illegal immigration.

The mainstream media in Canada has it all wrong.

Asylum Seekers are people who flee worn torn countries, people who get hit by bombs, gas attacks and other means of destruction.

Canada is expecting 400 “Asylum Seekers” to enter via the USA/Canada border on foot, PER DAY this summer.

These are all people who lived in the United States for many years, in some cases as long as 10 years, the most free country in the world.

But because the mainstream media in America labeled Donald Trump as a bigot, misogynist, racist, etc… they are all fleeing the United States.

Donald Trump is none of those, but CNN and MSNBC has such a brainwashed audience their stories get spread like wildfire all over the country.

The so-called Asylum Seekers coming to Canada need to give Trump a chance, it’s not going to get any better in Canada.

Canadian media needs to get it right, they are NOT Asylum Seekers, they are illegal immigrants.