Immigration minister says Canada’s racism needs to be confronted by bringing in more immigrants

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Ahmed Hussen is Canada’s immigration minister and says Canadians need to be confronted on their racism.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Friday he has experienced racial profiling first-hand in Canada, and he’s calling on his fellow Liberals to fight racism.

Speaking to delegates at the party’s convention in Halifax, Hussen said that, when he was younger, police cars would screech to a halt in front of him when he was out for an evening stroll, stopping to question him just because he’s black.

“This experience wasn’t unique to me, but an officer would come to me and say, ‘Where are you going, what’s in your pockets, where have you been,'” said Hussen, who came to Canada as a refugee from Somalia. “Much later, having to be bothered at a grocery store, being followed around just because of the colour of my skin.”

He also says Canada needs more immigrants coming into the country.

He said Canada can keep anti-immigration sentiment at bay through efficient resettlement services, and by explaining to Canadians why the country needs newcomers to fund public services and fill labour gaps.

“We need to showcase why Canada needs immigration, because the data doesn’t lie,” he said.

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