Liberal MP accused of groping a female just hours before meeting with Trudeau

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Liberal MP Francis Drouin is accused of groping a female from behind in the Halifax Liberal convention, a platform used by Justin Trudeau to promote himself to win another election next year.

Drouin has not been arrested but is accused.

In a statement released to the media and sent to Liberal MPs and staff on Sunday, Drouin said he wanted to address “reports of an incident” in Halifax.

“I can confirm that an allegation has been made,” Drouin said. “I believe it is important for individuals to have a safe environment to come forward, share their stories, and be supported. While no charges have been laid against me, I am co-operating fully with the investigation.”

A Liberal who asked not to be identified said on Saturday that Drouin was telling people at the convention that a woman had accused him of groping her backside at a bar near the convention site in downtown Halifax.

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Conservative commentator Candice Malcolm said the incident happened just hours before Trudeau and other MP’s were scheduled to have a closed door meeting about harassment in the workplace.

This isn’t the first time a Liberal MP has been accused of sexual harassment under the Trudeau government.