CBC praises Nora Loreto who says she’s losing work, then days later mocks Toronto Van victims on Twitter

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Crazy Canadian feminist Nora Loreto made headlines two weeks ago when she condemned the Humboldt Broncos for receiving $15 million because they were mostly white and male.

Now she’s receiving more hate on Twitter after she mocked the dead when a van intentionally drove onto a Toronto street killing 15 people.

Mundane means dull.

A CBC panel also labeled Loreto as the victim in the Humboldt Tragedy, watch below:

CBC had Loreto in for an interview just days before the Toronto van attack, listen to this garbage.

It’s no surprise the video has double the dislikes than likes.

Nora Loreto calls everyone who disagrees with her comments racist and bigots, including probably us, she doesn’t seem to know what race is, there only one race, the human race.

Fact is, she is wrong, and CBC is the only media company in the world praising her.