President Trump wiped DANDRUFF off President Macron and the left went nuts

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The left can’t stand President Donald Trump, one reasons being is that the mainstream media fed them a bunch of crap over the last three years, they implanted lies and deception into their brains.

Watch President Trump wipe Dandruff off French President Macron then scroll down to see some comments people post on social media.

Here’s some of the responses on social media.

“Dear World,

We are sorry that you have to witness the fat orange one acting like a buffoon. We are working on fixing that situation.

Thank you,

Normal Americans”

“As an American, I’m embarrassed.

If I were French, I’d be mortified to see my president lead around like a little girl and treated like a child.”

“A real toddler behavior, pointing out everything they see. No self control whatsoever🤦🏻‍♀️”

“Dear God! Trump has no adult behavioral filters! The President of the United States acting like child and treating the President of France like a smaller boy who has come to visit. This is bizarre!”

“What kind of an educated host does this in public to his guest? And this is the President of the USA!!! How embarrassing and I can only imagine what the people of France are thinking!!!

Someone at the White House needs to give Mr Trump some etiquette lessons! WOW! He probably thinks it is a joke.”

“At least hes human, to produce dandruff… Trump what are you?”

And many more.