Trudeau says taxpayer funded group protesting Kinder Morgan have the right to free speech

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Albertans and some Canadians across the country are outraged at the latest discovery that taxpayers are paying for a group protesting the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The group is hiring people under some strict guidelines, including organizing protests against the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tankers.

As an organizing assistant through the Canada Summer Jobs program you will work directly with a Dogwood Provincial Organizer and the field organizing team to help our organizing network stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project, as well as help us strengthen the public call for stronger, more accountable and transparent democracy.


Trudeau said the group has the right to free speech and that the Harper government did the same thing.

Which is a lie, because Kinder Morgan didn’t try to built the pipeline under the Harper government.

We have no words, shame on Justin Trudeau.