CBC managed to be the only media company to exploit the Toronto Van attack

in Canada by

The taxpayer funded CBC had become a brainwashing machine for Canada.

The CNN of Canada, except CNN is not funded by taxpayers.

While many people suggested banning cars, CBC suggested something similar as to stop van attacks, or whatever people call it.

Van attacks are something Islamic State jihadists use to kill people, in the Toronto attack it isn’t believed to be a ISIS attack, it seems to be an attack against women as an incel, which is a whole other story.

Via the National Post:

Or so it seemed until Wednesday morning when, less than 48 hours after the event, the CBC had managed to find a social and political cause to attach to the deaths and injuries: automobile traffic.

On CBC Radio’s The Current, host Anna Maria Tremonti introduced the idea that the deliberate murder of pedestrians by a lone and likely deranged driver could be used to promote the urban planning idea that Toronto is a city where pedestrians are vulnerable due to a dangerous mingling of speeding automobiles and vulnerable slow-moving bicycles and pedestrians.

As The Current played out, the Yonge Street tragedy became the foundation for the promotion of a radical urban-planning agenda known as Vision Zero, an international movement with the objective of reducing pedestrian deaths and serious injuries to literally zero.

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