Facebook ignores death threats while Banning Meme Pages

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Facebook has made some major changes over the last 6 months to silence conservative crowds.

We have many pages that are simply just meme pages, our Admins get banned at least one a month for “offensive content”

Facebook hired around 20,000 employees to handle millions of reported posts every week, but they manage to ban only those with conservative voices.

They fail to ban some other content that promotes killings.

Via The Free Though Project:

Naturally, because the Free Thought Project challenges the status quo, many people out there tend to be quite vocal in their opposition to the ideas of freedom and peace which we openly support. Often times, these people will email, message, or comment wishing us ill will. This is nothing new and most of the time, we simply ignore it. However, this week, we received a message that was impossible to ignore.

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