Nora Loreto and Black Lives Matter Canada continue to profit from the Humboldt Tragedy

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Nora Loreto has gained lots of media attention over the last three weeks.

The attention has given her the opportunity to promote a small talk show podcast with her new followers, she gained over 6,000 followers over the last three weeks from her controversial tweets on the Humboldt Broncos.

She said so much money was raised because the victims were mostly white and male.

Loreto hosts a podcast with Black Lives Matter Canada organizer Sandy Hudson.

Loreto continues to retweet Hudson’s tweets which have a link leading to a Patreon account, which is called Sandy and Nora. Click here to see it.

Patreon is a platform used to ask viewers for money to help out with costs as freelancers, but Loreto and Hudson and so little real viewers, they have no expenses and their funds all go to profit.

Loreto keeps retweeting Patreon links to her new followers, her promotional efforts backed up by CBC, here’s an example of a promotional tweet from the pair.

Loreto later on retweeted this tweet.

As news of the controversial tweets from Loreto fade away, expect to see more of her Patreon link on her social media channels.

We all have the right to free speech in this country, choose wisely to succeed in life, and that’s what makes Canada great.