This is the end for Trudeau, Investigation has been launched

in Canada by

Justin Trudeau and the Canadian finance minister fail to answer questions Canadians need to hear during question period.

One question still remains, how much will Canadians pay in carbon tax and where will the money be spent.

The Trudeau government is now under investigation for failing to answer those questions.

Via Toronto Sun:

Responding to a complaint made by Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre, the office headed up by Caroline Maynard has begun investigating whether the department violated sections 21 and 18 of the Access to Information Act.

Poilievre, the MP for Carleton, had filed an access request asking for government documents that explain the projected annual costs per household of the carbon tax. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to impose a carbon tax on every province in Canada that will be $50 per tonne by 2022.

Documents shared with Postmedia show that while Poilievre received a response, the pertinent information was redacted.

One document is a memo sent to deputy finance minister Paul Rochon with the subject line “impact of a carbon price on households’ consumption costs across the income distribution.”

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