New poll shows 58% Canadians disapproved of Trudeau

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Even though CBC published a poll a few days ago that the Trudeau government is leading, this new poll shows he’s not.

In fact, Trudeau would lose the election if held today.

Nearly 60 per cent of Canadians disapprove of Justin Trudeau as a government.

A poll by Forum Research shows just that.

Via Calgary Sun:

The research company recently polled 1,585 Canadians about which political party they would vote for if a federal election were held right now.

A majority of the voters surveyed (about four in 10 or 43%) said they would support the Conservatives while close to a third (30%) believe they would support the Liberal party.

Meanwhile 14% said they would vote NDP while 8% supported the Green party. Few would support the Bloc Quebecois at 4% while 1% would vote for others.

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