Trudeau preaches peace, but could never organize a peace deal like Trump did with the North and South Korea

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President Donald Trump was part of the reason North and South Korea ended a 65 years war. Finally! (Just to be clear, there’s a huge debate wether Trump should receive credit for the peace deal, we think yes, but many don’t.)

Many argue Trump has nothing to do with the peace deal, but a quick google search proved otherwise.

Here’s some media outlets that say Trump should get credit.


The independent.

The Herald Sun.

So what’s the verdict? Trump probably bullied his way to peace with Kim Jong Un.

Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau preaches all about peace, but could he have been a part of ending a 65 year, that would be a huge win for Justin Trudeau.

But in reality he’s fake and could never do it, especially with leaders like Kim Jong Un, it takes a few more balls than Trudeau has.