Ahmed Hussen hints Canada not interested in protecting Canadians from dangerous migration

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Let the illegals come in hints Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen.

American immigrants who are legal immigrants migrate to Canada by the thousands, and each migrant costs $5000.

Some reports say these immigrants are dangerous and many fail to be accepted as a refugee, but after they get rejected they don’t get deported.

But Canada has no interest it seems stopping them, he says there’s no talks going on right now.

Via CBC:

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen insists there are no “formal negotiations” underway, but noted that the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) agreement was implemented in 2004 and could be due for an update.

“It’s 14 years old now. As [with] any other agreement, there’s always room for improvement, there’s always room for growth,” he told reporters after a cabinet meeting in Ottawa.

“Those discussions are ongoing. In terms of a formal negotiation process, that is simply not there.”

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