Trudeau Says Our Illegal Immigration Problem Is America’s Fault

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Justin Trudeau can’t take responsibility, he can’t take responsibility of keeping Canadians safe it seems.

Via Daily Wire:

Trudeau was asked during a speech to Parliament how he plans on handling the massive influx of illegal immigrants into Quebec. In the last two years, record numbers of amnesty-seekers have flooded across the border from upstate New York, requesting asylum from the Canadian government. Since Canada, by law, must give each immigrant a trial, some illegals are being allowed to stay in Quebec for as long as two years while they wait to be processed.

Canadian officials can’t tolerate the burden and they wanted answers from the man who once tweeted that Canada welcomed any and all immigrants with open arms.

Trudeau’s response was epic, per Reuters: “Trudeau said his government had been in contact with American counterparts ‘for months’ on ‘many issues relating to our border.'”

Those negotiations — and it’s questionable, according to some members of Parliament, whether there have been any official talks — center around whether the United States can improve its vetting process for those seeking travel visas, particularly if those applicants are from West African nations.

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