UPC not allowed to March in Edmonton Pride Parade

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The United Conservative Party was rejected as they attempted to participate in this years Edmonton Pride Parade.

Organizers said the UPC doesn’t respect their values.

Via CTV:

Dana Marsh, a spokesperson for the Edmonton Pride Festival Society (EPFS), said the UCP’s application was rejected because its answers were vague and did not highlight any action it takes or will take to be inclusive.

To determine “the sincerity” of the application, the committee also looked at policies introduced by the UCP. But since there were none, it looked at those introduced by the Wildrose and Conservative party before they formed the UCP, as well as ideas and opinions publically shared by its members.

“This choice by the committee is not based in politics, but on the fact that the application submitted by the UCP did not meet [the selection] criteria,” Marsh told CTV News.

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