Islamic group with terror ties receives Summer Jobs Grant

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The Canadian government has given companies Summer Jobs Grant for a long time, but it was under the Trudeau government that these programs seem to go to the wrong companies.

Not only is that taxpayer funded money going to Kinder protesters, it’s also going to radical Islamic groups.

Via Toronto Sun:

According to a government database listing recipients of the Canada Summer Jobs grant, both the Canada Arab Federation (CAF) and the Anatolia Islamic Centre have been approved for federal funding in 2018.

In 2009, CAF was de-funded over the group’s extremism and support for terrorist groups – a decision made by the previous Harper Conservative government and backed up by a federal judge.

CAF had received a grant through the department of immigration to provide English lessons for newcomers, but the contract was pulled when then-immigration minister Jason Kenney found out about the funding.  

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