Trudeau keeps blaming Harper on everything when he should be blaming his father

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Everything has been going wrong in Canada under the Trudeau government, everything from jobs to unsecured borders.

That means Canada is no longer a safe country, everyone’s paying more taxes, big time investors moved their businesses to America and do on.

Via The Star:

The former prime minister’s name is being increasingly invoked by the Liberals to take pokes at Conservatives, with the current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, leading the charge. During just one question period this week, Trudeau raised Harper’s name no fewer than seven times.

“The Harper Conservatives still demonstrate that they do not get it,” the prime minister said during a back-and-forth over carbon pricing.

While it was once said that Pierre Trudeau “haunts us still,” his son seems to have his sights set on a more recent ghost of prime ministers past. Harper, according to Trudeau this week, “still very much apparently controls the backbench of the Conservative party.”

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