You may be under investigation because hidden government documents show Rachel Notley receives death threats

in Canada by

Documents received from the Access to Information Act have shown Alberta premier Rachel Notley has received at least 11 death threats in the last three years according to a report on CBC.

But first, 

A personal rant from our editor:

Your information on social media is always public even if you think it’s private, if you have ever issued a death threat in Alberta you should be investigated and charged.

Debate Post is a right wing website, but DEATH THREATS will NEVER have a place on our platform, on any of our websites and social media channels.

Death threats are a serious thing, it makes conservatives look bad when Rachel Notley or Justin Trudeau receive death threats, it makes our platform look bad but we strongly condemn all threats.

All threats found on our channels are being reported and removed.

Most social media users report threats and they get flagged for investigators, and so they should be.

Why would you risk going to jail being a keyboard worrier in your home if you’ve never been in trouble with the law? A simple comment on social media could technically ruin your life if investigators decide you’re a threat to someone.

Even though the left says we’re racist, white, Nazi, etc etc…because they get ButtHurt by the truth, we’re not, we simply know what’s right from wrong and report content you won’t find in the mainstream media, Facebook hates us, Google hates us, and almost every mainstream news and social platform, but at the end of the day we protect free speech, free speech as long as it’s within the Canadian law, and death threats are not within the Canadian law.

So I must warn, please do not post death threats or you will be blocked from using our services on social media, please use simple common sense.

You can criticise politicians all you want, death threats is where we draw the line, it’s simply wrong.

You will always be under the radar if you post threats on social media, just like the people in this story, read it here.