Time has run out for Trudeau, it’s too late for him to make Canada great again

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Canadians will have to wait for the next election to have a chance at a better Canada.

Canadians are out of jobs and pay higher taxes thanks to the Trudeau government.

The next election is only 17 months away, it’s too late for Justin Trudeau says Stephen Harper ex-chief of staff, Ian Brodie.

“When you get a majority government, you think, ‘I’ve got four years to do all sorts of things’ … (There’s been) two years of Mr. Trudeau’s government with lots of consultations, now difficult decisions have to be made and they are already starting to think ahead to the next federal election. In a sense, time has run out on them.” he wrote in a book that’s making waves in Canadian politics.

But polls say Trudeau still have lots of support from the younger crowd of Canadians, can he possibly win another term and have a chance to fix Canada?

It is suggested by common sense that the PM is not interested in fixing Canada.

Donald Trump is already making America great, Trudeau must do the same.

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