Ministers repeat ‘no free ticket’ for Nigerian asylum seekers crossing into Quebec

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MONTREAL — A senior Liberal minister will head to Nigeria in the coming weeks to address the issue of mostly Nigerian asylum seekers crossing into Canada in recent months.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he’ll broach the topic when he travels to the African country.

He told reporters in Montreal today that Canada has been working closely with the United States over the alleged abuse of U.S. visas by Nigerians seeking to enter Canada.

Hussen says Nigerians have been applying for the visas and, within weeks, heading for the Quebec-New York border.

He says measures to combat the problem seem to be working and that there has been an increase in the number of U.S. visa refusals in Nigeria.

Hussen was one of three senior Trudeau government ministers to address the border issue today in Quebec.

They repeated that crossing irregularly into Canada is not a “free ticket” into the country.

The Canadian Press