Trudeau quietly gives 12,500 irregular border crossers high paying jobs

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Today’s top headlines in Canadian news read:

“Ministers: ‘No free ticket’ for Nigerian asylum seekers”

But that’s not their actual plan.

12,500 “irregulars” have been approved to stay in Canada.

The Trudeau government said there’s no free ride, but later said they have made it easier for illegals to get jobs.

The government says that it has speeded up the processing of work permits for asylum seekers as they await a decision on their asylum applications. More than 12,500 work permits have been approved for asylum seekers arriving in Quebec since April 2017, he said.

Canadians who have jobs usually strive, but that’s changing fast.

Any job for any Canadian looking for work would be considers high paying because our taxes and cost of living have increased dramatically.

Some reports from CTV.