Bill C-48 passed, meaning more jobs and economy dead under Trudeau

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Seems like justin can’t get any luck these days, or is it luck?

Bill C-48 passed in the House of Commons, a Motion that bans tankers from the west coast of Northern British Columbia.

The ban is a win for Trudeau in an attempt to phase out oil sands.

But many people don’t see it that way.

Via CBC.

As environmentalists bemoan the Liberal government’s promise to build the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, Ottawa handed them a victory of sorts last night with the passage of an tanker moratorium bill that will prohibit tankers carrying crude oil from loading or unloading at ports in northern British Columbia.

Bill C-48, which passed the House of Commons along party lines and is now headed to the Senate for its second legislative phase, was introduced after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet vetoed Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline — a project that would have carried crude from Alberta through northern B.C. to a tanker terminal in Kitimat for export to Asia.

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