New government guidelines want you to trust whoever hides under a burka

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Do you trust anyone wearing a full face covering that they are harmless?

That’s what the government wants you to do if you encounter a burka wearing person at a public bus stop, bank, or any public building and place.

The government laid out some guidelines that the controversial Bill-62 will follow.

1. The request must prove that the difference in treatment is impairing his or her rights.

2. The request must be serious and based on sincere belief.

3. The accommodation must be in line with the principle of equality of all people. Therefore, it must not result in the discrimination of another group.

4. The accommodation must be in line with the principle of the state’s religious neutrality.

5. The accommodation is reasonable. In other words, it does not cause undue hardship on others or affect the quality of service or public health of others. This also factors in the cost of any accommodation.

6. The person making the request is co-operating in seeking a solution, including making concessions. Failure to co-operate may result in the request being denied.

You must trust that the person is “seriously” wearing the burka for religious beliefs.

Read the full report here.

Disclaimer: This post is absolutely NOT racist.