Canadian radio show says wanting pipelines is racist

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They may say we’re taking things out of context, we’re racist, we’re this that, blah blah blah, but that’s not the case at all.

They actually said wanting a pipeline is racist.

Just over a month ago 16 people died when the Humboldt Broncos bus collided with a semi truck in northern Saskatchewan.

Donations quickly poured in and the GoFundMe campaign reached a massive $15M from all over Canada.

Nora Loreto seen her chance to jump on the controversial bandwagon.

Loreto said there’s was so much money raised because the victims we’re so white and male.

She received backlash from around the world except from CBC, they painted her as the victim and explained with a fake news story how people profit from backlash, including Ontario Proud (who is non-profit) and Reddit users (it’s impossible to profit on Reddit as a user)

Loreto gained around 7000 more Twitter followers from the controversial tweet.

She hosts a small radio show, or podcast if you wish with Black Lives Matter organiser Sandy Hudson.

I’m not sure how many shows they host but since I’ve been following Loreto I see their links spammed on their Twitter accounts twice a week or so, I watched this one episode where they talk about pipelines, and since I’m a pipeline worker I decided to listen to it.

The podcast starts off with them begging for money to help fund their project, then they admit they know very little about pipeline and the oil industry.

At the 14 minute mark I was shocked, Sandy Hudson decided to say wanting a pipeline is racist, listen to it here if you dare.

The brainwashing needs to be stopped, saying pipelines are racists is like saying you need to ask babies permission to change their diaper, watch the video here.