Trudeau gives $60M to a company that’s worth $900B

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Did Justin Trudeau fail Math class?

Justin Trudeau gave 60 million taxpayers money to a company owned by Apple reports Brian Lilley.

Apple is the richest company in the world, they are worth 900 Billion and closing in on a Trillion dollar company.

( 2017) Buoyed by strong earnings and optimism surrounding the iPhone X, the market value of the tech giant has closed above $900 billion for the first time: $904 billion as of Wednesday. That valuation beat out even Microsoft’s climb toward a trillion dollars during the dot-com boom.

Trudeau and the province of Quebec is giving the 60 million to Elysis, a company that will make iPhone’s with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

( The aluminum companies are setting up a joint venture, called Elysis, to develop a new smelting process that they claim will eliminate all direct greenhouse gas emissions. Apple is putting in $10 million and offering technical support, but it won’t have a stake in Elysis.

The Canadian and Quebec government are each investing $47 million, and Alcoa and Rio Tinto are together putting in $43 million, together with intellectual property. Quebec will get a 3.5% equity stake, and Alcoa and Rio Tinto will evenly split the rest.

Justin Trudeau has failed to do more for Canadians, but there seems to be a empty pit of money available to those who don’t need it.

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