Canadian Parenting Coach Says Pink Hair Is Right, Children Need To Be Asked For Consent To Change Diaper

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Disclaimer: Her name is not pink hair, her name is Deanne Carson, a sexuality educator, we just called her pink because we can only fit so many characters in the headline, we fully support pink hair and do not discriminate.

Anyway, remember just days ago she said you need to ask your child for consent to change their diaper? If not, watch the video below.

The story received huge amount of media attention.

Some would agree with her idea and some not.

(Global NewsParenting coach Julie Romanowski in Vancouver says the media attention around Carson’s comments has morphed the story into an unnecessary sexual discussion.

“It’s about dignity and respect – even at the youngest of ages, and even to those who are more vulnerable. The very word vulnerable means those who are not able to protect themselves fully. As a child advocate and specialist in children’s behaviour, it is important to protect our children but also teach them, as much as possible, how to protect themselves in the future.”

Romanowski adds with young children, it’s not always about sexual consent, but teaching the concept of it.

“The concept of your rights and protecting yourself at the earliest ages possible to help children learn the entire scope around sexual consent,” she continues. “By asking if it’s OK or simply letting the child know you are going to change them, allows the opportunity to build skills around body awareness and personal boundaries.”

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