New documents show Trudeau government won’t be arresting ISIS returnees unless there’s sufficient evidence

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New documents reveal what plans the Trudeau governments has for returning ISIS fighters.

The government expect a increase of ISIS fighters to be returning over the next three months, at least sixty have already returned and officials don’t know where they are.

The documents were obtained by CTV News and published today, the documents reveal that ISIS fighters are not to be arrested without sufficient evidence.

(CTV News) Calling terrorism “complex and resource intensive,” the documents caution that “there may not be sufficient evidence for charges” and say the fallback is to “mitigate the threat through efforts outside the criminal justice system.”

The government estimates that about 190 Canadian extremists are currently active in terrorist groups overseas, mostly in Syria and Iraq. An additional 60 have returned, and police are bracing for another wave of returnees over the next one to three months.

Few who left to join ISIS have been charged upon their return, an issue that has been raised repeatedly in the House of Commons, with the Conservatives accusing the Liberals of greeting returning ISIS members with “group-hug sessions.”

It’s hard to say what will happen to Canada, Justin Trudeau wants to reintegrate these fighters back into society, but other not so much, the safety of Canada is at risk.