Stephen Harper “I probably could still easily be leader of my party if I wanted to”

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After almost three years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are starting to realize how much they miss the former PM Stephen Harper.

Harper stepped down from leading the Conservative party after losing to Justin Trudeau.

But he said he could possibly still be leader of the party.

(Globeandmail) “I could have wielded a lot more power. I think I probably could still easily be leader of my party if I wanted to. I mean, I’m de facto the founder of my party,” Mr. Harper said during a 55-minute discussion at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in Stanford, Calif.

“I could have turned the party into essentially a personal political vehicle if I’d wanted. But that was not my goal.”

Instead, Mr. Harper said, he wanted to establish a conservative institutional force that would be a long-term contender for power in government.

“I was determined to establish an institutional organization that would outlive me and would not need me down the road. So I did things very different than if I’d simply wanted to amass power at all costs,” Mr. Harper said.

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