Trudeau openly invites ISIS fighters back to Canada because they are fleeing war-torn Countries

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The Islamic State is still a huge threat, but their resources are starting to diminish.

Therefore ISIS fighters are starting to flee Syria and looking for other countries to start a new movement that’s being relayed in the digital world, the countries ISIS operated are war torn because of their killing ways, and Trudeau dares to invite them back?

ISIS fighters are returning to their home countries, and Justin Trudeau openly invited them back to Canada by saying they “have the right to return”

(DailyCaller) According to Global News, the administration believes that not only do ISIS operatives have a “right to return,” but also that the “government must facilitate their return to Canada.”

The briefing note is addressed to Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, who is responsible for ensuring the returning ISIS operatives do not pose a definable risk.

This is almost the same same way Trudeau inspired thousand of illegal immigrants to come to Canada via twitter. One single Tweet cost Canada millions of dollars.