Trudeau visits Edmonton, but not to fight for Kinder Morgan

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The Kinder Morgan deadline is closing in with a final decision day on May 31.

Justin Trudeau visited Edmonton yesterday for photo ops at Gurdwara Millwoods to celebrate the Sikh Vaisakhi festival.

He only showed up because he’s going to miss the parade Sunday to celebrate the Sikh Vaisakhi festival.

Trudeau didn’t seem to show any interest for the Kinder Morgan pipeline and was criticised by UPC leader Jason Kenney.

“There’s 17 days to go before the prospective cancellation of the Trans Mountain pipeline,” Alberta Opposition leader Jason Kenney told reporters before the scheduled visit. “The premier should take every possible opportunity to meet with the prime minister and demand action on Trans Mountain.”

At this point the pipeline and economy seems to be on hold.

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