Wynne says she’s going to fix her own screw-ups if she get re-elected

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The Kathleen Wynne government seems to have many screw ups, and Wynne has to try something new because currently the Ontario Liberals hold steady in third place behind Doug Ford and the NDP.

Her chance to lose the election is huge, so she said she will fix health care problems that her government created.

(CBC) Now that the provincial election is underway, the Wynne government has promised to fix all of this. It has, for example, recently announced funding for 53 new medical residency spots — a solution to a problem that they themselves created. The Liberal government also created a group of administrative organizations known as “local health integration networks” that cost nearly $70 million annually to operate, despite being criticized as a waste of money that does not significantly improve care. This seems to be its modus operandi.

Ontario has the distinction of having one of the fewest hospital beds per capita compared to other OECD nations. In response to these and other conditions, physicians across the province sprung into action: this year, the Ontario Medical Association unveiled a platform entitled “Not a Second Longer,” calling for government action on unacceptable wait times, while the Concerned Ontario Doctors launched “Care not Cuts” years ago focusing on “the government’s neglect and mismanagement of healthcare.”

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