Bill Morneau just said the stupidest thing on Kinder Morgan

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It’s almost unbelievably how the Trudeau government conducts themselves.

The stupidity only keeps getting stronger.

Justin Trudeau spent the last two days in Alberta for the wrong reasons, Albertans expected him to make a decision on the Kinder Morgan pipeline, but he never did.

And since he never did, Bill Morneau stepped in to try and save the day from Ottawa.

Kinder Morgan said they will pull the plug on May 31 if no deal is reached.

Morneau said this morning if Kinder Morgan bails on the Trans Mountain Pipeline, other investors are welcome and willing to invest.

But investing in the project is not the problem, the problem is protestors and the B.C. Government pulling all strings possible to stop Kinder Morgan.

So Bill Morneau will go down in history as the big dumbo. The dumbo of Canada’s infrastructure system.

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