Camp Cloud is turning into a sh*thole

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The Camp Cloud Kinder Morgan protest site is turning into a sh*thole.

Recently the camp has been known by nearby residents as a homeless camp and a concern for traffic, fire hazards and road blockages.

A petition local Darlene Johnston was starting asking officials to remove the camp.

She said while every person has the right to protest, there is some violence going on and residents are at risk of rape, bodily harm and theft.

“In September 2017, professional protesters and crisis actors set up a roadside camp with open fires burning across the gates from Shellmont Street,” she said. “This used to be a great place to live: forest trails, clean air, and a place for everyone who felt safe, but not anymore. It has turned into a homeless/protester camp, where you can do whatever you want, wherever you want, because the mayor is against Kinder Morgan and condones these illegal activities.”

My personal view writing this? You need energy resources not to be a “sh*thole” but you have every right to protest.

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