Trudeau blames Alberta for climate change problems

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It’s pretty clear that Justin Trudeau hates Alberta.

He hates Alberta so much that he forgot it was a Canadian province on Canada’s official 150th birthday.

The Prime Minister fails to get Pipelines in the ground even though his party approved the Kinder Morgan, but hypocritical Kinder Protesters are supported by the liberal government, they are free to do whatever they want to stop the pipeline.

As you can see these protesters use plastic kayaks, use petroleum products to drive to protests, and use taxpayer funded resources to carry out their hypothetical anti-pipeline protests.

With the deadline looming for Kinder Morgan the Trudeau government hasn’t done nothing to try and save it.

Trudeau plans to force Carbon Tax across Canada January 1, 2019 because of climate change, by showing he isn’t interested in getting construction started on the Kinder Morgan project, means he blames Alberta for problems that aren’t even generated by Canada, like climate change.

Trudeau is the only one that leads me to believe climate change is a hoax, because I’m from Alberta.