Irregulars to be trained to take truck driving jobs

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There’s a shortage of trucking jobs in Canada when it’s busy, so Illegal immigrants may get those jobs.

Regardless of the truck driver recruiting process, hopefully they’ll choose the right people for the job based on other factors other than where they come from.

Long haul trucking jobs don’t really pay that well, most Canadian truck drivers seek oilfield trucking jobs paying a little more, which leaves hundreds of highway jobs available and up for grabs.

Irregulars coming to Canada are mostly men and are encouraged to find jobs when they arrive. Some might be interested in a trucking job might find that used peterbilt trucks for sale could help them begin their career. If this career is right for you and you purchase a truck then you will also want to make sure that you are safe whilst driving, especially long hours, please make sure that you get the best insurance possible to make sure that you are covered in case of an accident. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and there could be legal precautions if you do get into an accident, and you may then need to hire some personal injury attorneys to help you with your case. It’s always essential to get covered legally and to read guidelines on safe driving! If this is the right career for you then carry on reading to find out more…

It’s already happening in Germany.

Via VOU:

Due to an acute shortage of professional truck drivers the German trucking association has launched a new project to train asylum seekers for the job, Austria’s tabloid Wochenblick reports.

The project, which is named “The drive into your new future” intends to make it easier for asylum seekers to become truck drivers.

In this way, the German Red Cross (DRK) and the Logistics Organization (UVL) want to alleviate the shortage of truck drivers. The concept was developed together with the SVG Driving School North, reports newspaper DVZ.

During the training the candidates have to pass through two exams. In addition to its general suitability, the DRK also wants to check the language skills and the status of residence. In addition, a separate “refugee representative” should look after the participants during the three-year training.

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