Terrorists Threatened Canada, Broken Glass And Needles Found On Beach

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Kirby’s Beach and Bracebridge Bay Park in Ontario was temporarily closed after a unknown terrorist group called Islamic Revolutionary Force threatened Canada and succeed.

The group published the following letter:

A message from the Islamic Revolutionary Force

Yes we have destroyed your beaches over the winter months with snowmobiles, easily and effectively making them unsafe and all but unusable. We will destroy your beaches from Toronto to North Bay. We have started with the Muskokas and other tourist destinations. Your northern towns extremely easy targets, unlike cities. We do this because you reject Islam and follow the Great Satan. Infidels you allow your women to disgracefully shamelessly parade around your beaches all but naked! A Muslim woman would not even think to do this. Your women are whores with no shame and low morals. Yes we cannot pull off anything like 9-11. But we can destroy your tourist industry, hurt your people, derail your trains, poison your water supply, start devastating forest fires… Infidels publish our warning for all to see. Reject the false religion of the Great Satan. Convert to Islam. Follow the teachings of the prophet Mohammed. Let the Koran speak to you. Either be with us or stand against us. The IRF fights against the disgraceful and unjust religious persecution of Muslim Canadians and of Islamic peoples throughout the world. Hurt us, we hurt you. Anyway we can. Praise Allah! God is Great!

The beach was temporarily closed after broken glass and sewing needles were found reported Global News.

Read the full report here.