Trudeau gives Antifa taxpayer funded opportunities to promote violence and spit on people

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Antifa thugs will do anything to chase their protest opponents away from public areas using violence and spitting.

According to left wing Antifa promoter Nora Loreto, Antifa members are allowed to chase away their opponents using any means possible.

Loreto refuses to condemn the actions used by Antifa thugs against Faith Goldy just for filming them when asked about the spitting and violence.

“Goldy’s racist border antics should result in her being chased away. Giving oxygen to white supremacists, generating fear of refugees? Nah. She’s a shit.” she said on Twitter.

Here’s the video of the violence against Faith Goldy.

CBC gave Nora Loreto air time to promote her left wing hate everyone who doesn’t agree with her, the air time was used to publish fake news, saying that non-profit groups like Ontario Proud profit and Reddit users off her controversial tweets, Ontario Proud is non-profit and it’s illegal for Reddit users to profit from their posts, watch below.

CBC is 100 per cent funded by Canadian taxpayers as the official state media, Loreto was allowed to use her air time as hate towards the millions of people who criticized her for the Humboldt Tragedy racist tweet she published.

It’s time for the CBC and Justin Trudeau to condemn her actions or defund the CBC.