Ontario Muslim woman refuses to wax genital area of male who identifies as woman and gets sued

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Disclaimer: We don’t know the legal pronouns, so please don’t sue us if we misgender peoples.

The story

Complications like this story is what’s wrong with the Liberal Party.

Technically, legally, I can literally identify as anything, and file a lawsuit if I get discriminated again.

This story happened in Ontario where a person born male and identifies as a woman wanted to have their genital area shaved, the staff on hand happened to be Muslim.

Via Life Site News

WINDSOR, Ontario, May 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A biological male who says he’s a “woman” has filed a human rights complaint against a hair-removal spa in Ontario. The male claims he was discriminated against after he couldn’t get a Brazilian wax because the Muslim woman on staff doesn’t wax the male genital area for religious reasons.

The anonymous trans “woman” complainant alleges Mad Wax Spa in Windsor, Ontario, denied him services because of his gender identity and expression. The male is seeking $50,000 compensation for the “immense harm to my dignity,” CTV Windsor reported.

In his application to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, the complainant states he called the spa to ask about a leg wax, according to CTV Windsor.

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