Trudeau just insulted Trump and it will come back to bite Canadians

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If there’s one thing people need to know, you should never insult the most powerful man in the most powerful country in the world.

Trudeau and Trump can’t seem to get along, they can’t seem to negotiate a NAFTA deal.

So Trudeau questioned Trump and said he is negotiating on “flimsier logical grounds”

This is a move that could come back and bite the Canadian economy and affect us all.

“I am – even more than I was with steel and aluminum – trying to figure out where a possible national security connection is,” Trudeau said at the luxurious riverside hotel that will be the site of a Group of Seven summit in June.

“Taking that a step further into autos seems to me to be on even flimsier logical grounds,” Trudeau said. “But we know that this is very much linked to ongoing negotiations around moving forward on NAFTA.”

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