There will be a massive explosion in Canada if we don’t pay Carbon Tax

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Yup, according to CBC there will be a massive explosions from Volcanoes if we don’t fix climate change.

The Liberals plan to fix climate change is carbon tax, a tax that does nothing to the climate.

But according to the CBC, climate change will “wake up” massive volcanoes that are a ticking time bomb.

As Mount Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, kicked into high gear Thursday with an explosive eruption, scientists are keeping an eye on a Canadian volcano that is currently unstable.

Glyn Williams-Jones points to climate change and the disappearance of glaciers for why Mount Meager, which is 160 km northwest of Vancouver, and 60 km west of Pemberton, is in the state that it is now. 

“We’ve got this big monster volcano. It’s about two million years old and it’s been ticking along, changing over that time, but we know that there’s volcanic gas coming through the ice,” Williams-Jones, co-director of the Centre for Natural Hazards Research, told The Current‘s guest host Laura Lynch.

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This story by the CBC is just another attempt to encourage the government to put more tax on Canadians.

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