City of Vancouver ordered to pay Kinder Morgan’s legal costs

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The City of Vancouver took Kinder Morgan for a waste of time.

Vancouver filed a lawsuit against against Kinder Morgan which the Supreme Court of B.C. quickly trashed.

Now Courts are ordering the City of Vancouver to be responsible for all the legal costs.

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In a decisive victory for the company, Justice Christopher Grauer ruled that Vancouver would need to pay Kinder Morgan unspecified legal costs. Prior to the two cases, Kinder Morgan had won 14 court challenges in a row for its Trans Mountain pipeline project.

Kinder Morgan did not respond to a request for comment Thursday, but the company continues to face other legal challenges to its project to expand an oil pipeline system between Alberta and the B.C. coast.

The company cited obstructionist legal challenges from various levels of government in B.C. when it announced last month it would suspend all non-essential spending on the project until the federal government steps in to provide assurances before it builds the pipeline. The company gave Ottawa the end of May to resolve the issue.

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